Very COMMON MTD Riding Lawnmower PROBLEM, WON’T START – Blade Engagement Safety Switch

Will Not START. Won’T START. WONT START. How to repair A VERY COMMON problem with older MTD RIDING Lawnmowers SAME AS
(Yard Machines , Signature 2000 , Montgomery Ward , Craftsman etc…). Blade Engagement Lever and BRACKET WORN. Blade Engagement Safety Switch NOT ENGAGING CORRECTLY. HOW TO Weld Repair FIX. Problem Fixed. Small engine FIRE OOPS!
Music by my band BonzaiRod! Song ~ “Staging Lane’
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PLEASE KEEP IN MIND when you are watching my videos: I am showing you the least expensive, quickest “backyard” methods for repairing or servicing your lawnmower. Replacing all components such as gaskets and fuel lines is always recommended when rebuilding or repairing equipment. With these videos I hope you are able to fix and repair your lawnmower yourself with minimal parts, knowledge and tools. Thank you for watching!
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