Turd Buster 2000: KOHLER Command 20 Engine Carb. FIX. WON’T START or STAY Running. STARTS then Stops

A KOHLER Command 20 Horsepower OHV V TWIN 2 cylinder engine that WILL NOT START , or WONT STAY RUNNING on a Turd Buster 2000 (aka Turdpusher 2000) MyTana / My-Tana Sewer Cleaning cleaner Machine. Starts then stops or dies. Runs sometimes with CHOKE ON ONLY. Starts with Starting fluid. Side shaft horizontal Twin cylinder Motor. CARBURETOR Removed , Cleaned , Repaired , Fixed! How to REMOVE the Carburetor. Sewer line cleaner Pressure Washer Water Sprayer fix! Will not start or RUN. Too much oil SMOKES when it does start.
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Music by my band BonzaiRod ~ song ~ “Staging Lane”
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