Lawn Mower Starts then stalls: Easy Repair – How to Clean Carburetor

It’s super easy to get your lawnmower going if the problem is that it starts then stalls… You just need to know how to remove the carburetor plug and pan and clean them!

It is very simple to clean the carburetor of a lawnmower…

Carburetors of lawn mowers are prone to this problem since they are often stored over winter and out of use for long periods of time, allowing the degradation of fuel in the lines and hardening of impurities etc… All you need to do to fix your lawnmower is to clean the carburetor, where the fuel and air mix and feed to the engine. Turn one bolt, remove the pan, clean it all up and put it back together.

I watched a few other videos by other youtubers before doing the repair:
bbb jim1:
Bruce Pender:–7hcBFps
Derek Cormack:

I highly recommend watching at least one of these videos, you pick up extra information and it all sticks that much better when you learn from more than one source. The extra time you spend watching is easily made up when the actual repair goes faster, cleaner and more pleasantly than if you were not confident and second guessing yourself!

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