Facial Hair Removal For Women

For women their face is one of the most crucial parts of their body. Almost all women have daily regimen in caring their face. Make up, lipstick, eyebrow, face powder and other cosmetics are girls’ things that use in their face to make them look pleasant and beautiful.

However, how does it feel when your face is different from other girls? Facial hair is so disgusting and embarrassing but why does hair grows in the face? The answer is simply genetics. It runs in blood, so if your mother, grandmother or any in your family clan has facial hair (mustache) then probably the children will be having the same. Another reason is due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This condition affects almost 10% of women on their reproductive age and one of its symptoms is unnecessary hair growth. However, not all with PCOS has experienced excessive hair growth. In some cases, excess hair appears not on the face but on the upper lip or chin. Women in menopause tend to develop facial hair due to hormonal imbalance.

Then you will be asking, are there any remedies to this problem? Yes, there are remedies. There are different kinds of treatment that are available to treat facial hair but some are painful and expensive. There are also options that can be use to get rid of facial hair. These can help but cannot guarantee 100% result.

  1. Bleaching – there are bleaching kit available in the supermarket that can be use without pain but be careful with the irritation that it may cause to your skin.
  2. Shaving – this is great option since men also use this to their facial hair however your face will looks darker and thicker.
  3. Tweezing – this can be done at least once every two weeks but you must resist the pain for about a minute.
  4. Depilatory Creams – this kind of treatment is painless and easy to administer. Just apply on the part where the hair grow and after a few minutes wipe it with clean cloth but you must avoid applying this near to your eyes. The cream may also irritate your skin and burnt your face leaving your skin red.
  5. Waxing – is one of the widely used methods of taking off facial hair. The warm wax was applied into the hairy area and when it cools it will be pull off. When you pull off the wax the hair will follow but this procedure is painful. It can be done at home or in the salon.
  6. Electrolysis – this kind of procedure is done through the sliding needle that placed into the skin at the side of the hair. A short zap of electric current to the hair can kill its root then the hair can be pulled out with tweezers. This is another painful procedure and should be done by professionals.
  7. Laser Hair Removal – This is the most expensive treatment but it can be done in one session alone. Unlike other procedures, laser is not painful.

So now that you understand the different options, your task is to find the right solution to your problem.

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