Facial Hair Removal For Women – Top Ways To Lose the H…

Troubled by excess facial hair? You are not alone millions of women spend billions of dollars dealing with bushy eyebrows, an overgrown upper lip, fuzzy cheeks and hairy chins. But the options for facial hair removal for women are greater than ever. Here are some top ways to lose the hair.

The first consideration will be to rule out hormonal and other medical issues for the hair. Certain conditions and medications can cause excess hair so a trip to your physician would be a good step to take.

After you have ruled out any medical conditions consider your options. Keep in mind that there is only one FDA approved method for PERMANENT removal and that is electrolysis. Electrolysis kills the follicle and thus removes the hair. However, electrolysis is time consuming when you have a large area of hair to be removed. If you want to clean up eyebrows or a few chin hairs it may be a good consideration. But if you have a ton of fuzz you may want to look at other methods.

Shaving and waxing are old standbys. These are safe methods however, the hair will grow back and with shaving it is a matter of a day or so before new hair starts arriving.

Waxing is a better option as it will last about 3 to 6 weeks.

Threading an age old art of facial hair removal for women is gaining fans. With threading a number of hairs are looped by a thread and pulled out by the roots.

Another method gaining in popularity is using a laser. Clinics are popping up all over to remove hair with state of the art lasers. Though this method is not permanent, lasers do result in sparser hair.

Package plans can make lasers affordable. Be sure to check out the clinic thoroughly.

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